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Aftercare & Homecare Advice

Each time you have any type of treatment in a salon or spa you should expect be given some advice afterwards. Aftercare should always be given straight after your treatment and will tell you how to maintain the results of the treatment, how to prevent an adverse reaction or even how to deal with an adverse reaction if one happens. 

Examples of aftercare advice: 

  • Avoid going in the sun for 24 hours after waxing ( this is because the skin will be very sensitive and you are likely to burn) So the advice is helping you to prevent an adverse reaction.
  • Drink plenty of water and rest after a massage (often we can feel a bit 'heady' or even unwell after a massage - the water helps to flush any toxins through your system, again we are helping to prevent an adverse reaction). You may also experience cold-like symptoms, increased visits to the bathroom or even nausea, all these reactions are quite normal but can be unsettling if you've not been warned they may happen!
  • Here's a simple one to maintain the results of a self tan: do not get your skin wet or wear any tight-fitting clothing after your tan application.

Homecare advice is different- it's  to help you make more long term improvements following your treatment. 

Examples of home care advice :

  • Recommendations of other treatments or products  which may help you.
  • Exercises or  stretches to help with specific tight muscles after a massage
  • Dietary advice
  • We may even suggest you see a  different practitioner eg a physio

We always give verbal advice after our treatments but we will also email you advice so you have it handy


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