Just Beauty

                           .....It's what we do

Here at Just Beauty we aim to provide a complete package to enable you to look and feel your best. As well as having  qualifications in beauty therapy I also have qualifications in exercise to music, core stability, BodyPump, group indoor cycling, freestyle yoga, step,  nutrition and stress management.

I can help you in the short term - maybe you have a special occasion coming up - perhaps a wedding or holiday? Or  you've realised that a few pounds have crept on or you've developed a few bad habits? 

Sometimes it may only take  just a few tweaks to your usual daily routine and/or eating habits to see huge results....

Or maybe you really want to unleash that inner new you and make some longer term significant life changes....

Starting with an initial consultation to find out more about you, your health and what you would like to achieve I can then plan a combination of   exercise,dietary advice, treatments or therapies, to suit you. A truly bespoke package tailored to you, for your health and well being.